Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enrolling in Belize courses

To enroll in the Belize classes, you need to know the ZAP numbers. They are on page 28 of the Summer schedule, and not under the headings for the regular summer classes. This makes them easy to miss.
Here they are:
BIOL 3413 Environmental Problems ZAP = 0168

ZOOL 4043 Coral Reef Zoology ZAP = 0419

You use the same ZAP numbers whether or not you are going to Belize. If you are enrolling in both courses, you need to enroll in both. Classes start June 8 and end July 30, whether or not you are going to Belize. No portion of either course is held on campus or in Oklahoma, so you can take these courses no matter where you will be this summer. You just need a reliable internet connection. In Belize, you will use inexpensive internet cafes, or you can bring a WiFi laptop.

Belize summer classes

I have made a flyer describing my two summer classes that include an optional field trip to Belize. 
Note that these are online classes. You do not have to be in Oklahoma at anytime for these classes, whether or not you join us on the optional field trip. 
As always, post a comment if you have a question, or send me an email.