Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Airfares go down!

The world-wide recession is hurting many people around the world--including those in the travel industry. We can take advantage of that, and help stimulate the world's economy.
As a case in point, airfares to Belize have gone way down in recent weeks. When I started planning for this Summer's field season, airfares were nearly $800. I bought my tickets when they dipped below $700. I bought too soon. Tickets are now a little over $500. 

Example for a flight leaving Tulsa on June 20 and returning June 29: 

TUL 6:20a  
BZE 11:26a  
BZE 10:26a
TUL 6:07p
(5h 06m)1
(5h 41m)1

If you are ready to purchase, I think this is a good time. Please check with me in advance for tips and tricks (e.g., Continental includes taxes paid to both the U.S. and Belize, while American only includes U.S. taxes, leaving you to pay ~$40 upon departure from Belize). 

1 comment:

Dr. Terdal said...

If that is too early, try this:

$533 Continental
June 20:
TUL 10:15a
BZE 11:26a
June 29:
BZE 2:55p
TUL 6:07p

That looks ideal to me!