Friday, July 20, 2012

Last day in Coco

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let myself sleep in after the late night, and knowing I'd not be getting much sleep tonight. Missed breakfast in the lobby, even. Made coffee in my room.

This photo was taken a few days earlier, but it shows my room: DSCN0694

Cable TV on the flatscreen. Left of that you can see the coffee maker and refrigerator (on floor). Safe there in the closet, just to left of the "kitchen." The whole place felt safe and secure. A fine place to relax.

I lounged by the pool, swimming and dozing in the deck chairs. Very relaxing. Perfect temperature. For a while, I got out my tablet computer and have a video chat using Skype with my son. Works perfectly even out by the pool. It is fun to switch to the rear camera and show him birds and palms, then back to the front camera so he sees me. Wish I could do this in Belize.

I walk around town and shop for souvenirs. Here is a street scene in Coco: DSCN0859

This is the main road from the inland to the beach and has all the traffic. There are side streets running north and south from this, with very little traffic. My hotel is on a parallel street to the north a couple of blocks and is quiet with a very different feel:

I buy a t-shirt for my son and a hammock for my wife from a souvenir shop on the main street in town. Several stores seemed to have a large selection and fair prices on a variety of souvenirs. I am not much of a souvenir shopper and so take a "get it done" attitude vs. lingering and enjoying the hunt.

It is local custom to take the family to the beach on Sunday afternoons. It is a delightful scene with children running and playing and food grilling. Smoke and good smells fill the air in the beach-front park:

As the sun goes down, I am joined by many others in enjoying the view:

I eat dinner at a favorite restaurant there on the beach, Beach Bums. Buy my wife a souvenir tank-top, as modeled by the waitresses. My favorite, Caroline, poses with me:

Back at my room, I pack. Try to reach my wife by chat, email and Facebook to remind her to meet me in Tulsa the next morning, but no luck. Figure she got called in to work for the night. Oh, well. Probably too busy to miss me, anyway.

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Michelle Hellstern said...

I love Costa Rica. I have been there three times, but I have yet to go to Cocos Island. I would love to go there.

It looks like a nice room!