Monday, May 28, 2012

Reservoir scenes

Wednesday, May 23

Did not sleep well as it rained heavily and water got into my jungle hammock. My blanket had fallen out and was soaked before I could get it, so I lay, wet, in water, in my underclothes. I was chilly but not actually cold. Just enough that it was hard to sleep soundly.

Dawn came at long last. Breakfast on instant coffee and cookies. The sun rose and burned off the fog, yielding a warm, muggy sunshine: DSCN0276

But the rain overnight was flowing into the reservoir: DSCN0244

As with the previous day, we stopped periodically to make notes and take photos: DSCN0247

Of macaws: Macaw pair roost and touch beaks CROP

We also talked to the rangers of the FCD (Friends for Conservation and Development) who were out patrolling for macaw poachers: DSCN0294 They do a great job in difficult, sometimes dangerous conditions.

At the end of the day, we headed back down the reservoir to the boat ramp: DSC_0551

And took the boat out: DSC_0555

Which we stored in our assigned space by the dam: DSC_0562

All in all, the weather was great all day after the very rainy night: DSC_0557

The day ended with me walking up a rather more carefully groomed path: DSCN0378

To my "camp" site for this night, Cottage 3 at Hidden Valley Inn: DSCN0377

I took a much-needed shower and walked back up the path to the dining room for a delicious dinner. No photos-too busy eating. Back in the cottage, I slept dry and warm.

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